Barth Time Construction

Today in class we performed the Barth Time Construction Assessment.  This assessment is a way to view how you spent your time throughout the week and how much time you spent doing what.  We had a given amount of time to perform the task and were given many different colored pieces of paper.  Each different color represented a different activity.  We were instructed to use the different colors to lay out how we spent our time during the past week.  Blue represented sleeping. Yellow represented shopping.  Orange represented eating.  Gray represented working.  Tan represented home maintenance.  Pink represented grooming.  Black represented tv.  Purple represented meetings.  Green represented hobbies.  Brown represented illness.  White represented nothing, and red represented drinking and drug use.

After completing this activity, I learned how much time I designated to what activity.  I realized that the majority of my time was spent sleeping or at work or school.  I had very little free time; I was usually doing homework or other chores that needed to be completed.  I also realized that while performing the activity I felt stressed due to the time limit.  Also, I realized that my perfectionist skills came out because I wanted each square of color to be a certain size to match all others.

Now that I have completed this activity, I know how important it is to manage your time.  Also I realize how important being able to work in small groups is, and how important fine motor skills are.  I learned a lot about myself and I also I learned how important tests like this are and how they can be used in OT practices.


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  1. Lynn Gitlow
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 20:53:26

    Good start at your journal Linsey
    Make sure to include the readings as well as class activities in your posts


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